What’s NEED go to finish with it.Today is Black

Thursday. It’s not a religious holiday connected to Xmas, Easter or Passover although it does include worship; whore-ship of Mammon. (Who was/is mammon? Keep in mind to self: look up Mammon on’t internet when less pushed for time.)

Am pressed for time today since every shop in Oxford Street is in enormous sale mode with up to umpteen percent off old stock to include all the woolly jumpers they’ve not had the ability to move due to the unseasonable weather and bottom of the range electrical products that will provide for the spare room or least favourite son-in-law’s birthday present later in the year, if you can remember where you put it.I’ve had loads of emails prompting me to purchase a brand-new phone (from my service supplier), sign up to an acting tasks website and conserve ₤ 30 (might do that) and umpteen others offering me once-in-a-life-deals on perfumes, fruit cakes, train journeys to Eastern Europe (go home, Carrie, your great-grandmother came from Kiev),inexpensive tickets to all the West End shows I never wished to see in the first location or have actually seen and detested, like Mama Mia, and … oh, losing the thread in addition to the will to leave the flat due to the fact that I need to go into town.I do not REQUIREDany of it. I do not need a new night bag for the swank supper I’m going to tomorrow night. I definitely do not need the one I saw on Wednesday in John Lewis that cost three times the quantity I spent for the frock I’m going to use though it (the bag not the dress) was glittery and had a clasp that clunked satisfactorily.I also do not require any clothing– I have actually enough to keep me warm even if some are a little last century vintage. I do not need anymore cosmetics as I’ve a drawer fullof half-used eye shadows and I do not require new serving meals despite the fact that the ones I have do not match, being of assorted designs, however they do hold food and anyway what is the point of a serving meal; they simply make more cleaning up, do not they?I do not need more jewellery; like my dishware a few of my earrings do not match and I do not require any more headscarfs, gloves or woolly hats since I purchased loads of them last year in the January sales in preparation for our trip to The Northern Lights where, by the way, it wasn’t all that cold.As my friend stated yesterday,”For the rate of a brief holiday one could feed an African village for a week.”Of course I like sparkly, glittery clothes and neat little gadgets and

baubles and foul-smelling stuff and hand creams and books and… hold on!Books!Oh, am tempted.But I do not require much more books. Have loads unread by the side of my bed and on my Kindle and anyway friend has lent me The Goldfinch which has lots of pages in it and will keep me quiet for the rest of the week and, by the way, charming girl downstairs has actually provided me a slinky black evening bag for tomorrow’s do.Need, naturally, is the word that should be related to poverty, with homelessness, with people who are hungry or cold or scared or ill. I’m going to Oxford Street because I feel that I need a manicure. The girl who does my nails requires my cash. I like pretty nails. As a bridge player my hands are often”on program”as an actress we are frequently asked to reveal our hands

at castings for commercials and as someone going to a classy do tomorrow (have I pointed out that? Do I sound delighted?)I do not wish to look out-of-place nor embarrass our hosts because

somebody might say to them”Who was that amusing woman with the ugly fingernails?”Likewise, I need a manicure since my nails are split and divided and in the worst state they have actually been for ages. It took me a while to figure out why. Did I have a severe calcium deficiency, perhaps?Doh! Split nails is what takes place when you type a blog piece every day for 28 days in a row on a brand-new keyboard.So, I will go to Oxford Street and come directly back home again without deviating to the elegant gift departments that will beckon me. Probably.What I will certainly do is donate to Cancer Relief and Shelter this week. I have actually had a little bonus in the post. It will not feed a town for a week, it will not send out an Afghan woman to school for a year, it won’t be enough to fund a dialysis device for a month but every little does help.Happy Black Friday Weekend(yup, that’s what a lot of the signs say in the shop-windows)– may all your purchases include a gift receipt.